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Presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev brutally beaten

Radicals attacked two presidential candidates that were taking part in the Ukrainian talk show ‘Svoboda Slova’. Oleg Tsarev was brutally beaten and is now in a critical condition, the candidate’s press office reported.

Oleg Tsarev was attacked by radicals after being trapped inside the ICTV media building following his appearance on the show, according to the statement released by Tsarev’s office.

“It was with great difficulty that government’s security forces were able to recapture Oleg Tsarev from the angry mob. He was severely beaten and is in serious condition,” the press office said.

The video embedded below shows the scene of the alleged mob attack, although Tsarev himself is not visible through the crowd.

Earlier, there were reports of the entire building being surrounded by unidentified gunmen with Tsarev trapped inside and his car attacked, including slashed tires.

Following the attack, Tsarev said that he would not withdraw his candidacy from the presidential election under any circumstances, his press office stated.

Around the same time, unidentified individuals blocked and damaged the vehicle carrying another presidential candidate, Mikhail Dobkin, while attacking and injuring his aides on their way to that same talk show.

Dobkin admitted to the attack during a live phone interview later on the show. Other media reported that the radicals poured green antiseptic solution and flour on Dobkin.

The two candidates were scheduled to join a third presidential candidate, Yulia Tymoshenko, on the talk show.

Shy Silence

Konstantin Dolgov, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s commissioner for human rights, has noted a “shy silence” from Western countries towards the attack on Tsarev.

“The Maidan tank democracy is in full swing, the extremists remained unpunished,” Dolgov tweeted. “Typical double standards.”

According to Dolgov, Kiev coup-appointed government used ‘tank’ force against people of south-eastern Ukrainian cities whose rights should be protected by this vey government.

“Is it an inclusive political dialogue and a constitutional reform?” he asked on Twitter.

By InSerbia with agencies  Presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev brutally beaten

Apr 15, 2014

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